Trouble-free computer and network services

Installations, configurations, and repairs

    You need:

  • Effortless installation of a new system
  • Painless migration to your new hardware
  • Straightforward system configuration and malware
  • cleanout
  • Simple elimination of network headaches
  • Simplify our printer behavior
  • Retrieve important documents
  • Immunize your system against hackers
  • I offer affordable customized solutions for each individual case. Client support and -satisfaction takes first priority.
  • My comfortable on-site services and maintenance programs will maximize your IT equipment's productivity and minimize the risk of annoying and costly downtime.
  • You will find me just as dedicated whether your office is residential or business. I stay with the problem until I have your solution.

IT Services on Manhattan

  • You would be surprised how much power can be left in a machine from yesteryear. Read about this in the repair section, and get valuable hints about symptoms that might indicate an upcoming malfunction.
  • Wi-Fi is convenient but it comes with a tab. Read more about what extra precautions a wireless network requires.
  • The do-it-yourself website from an automatic generator does not quite live up to your standards? Take a look at the page about web design.
  • That and many more secrets are revealed in the security sections on this website.
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