E-security is not only about preventing a hacker from breaking into your computer. E-security is a philosophy and a way of life that everybody should give some serious thought.

There is an entire set of ways in which you can have your data compromised. Some of these are as old as mankind, but the arrival of today's electronic media has dramatically changed the ways we have to deal with data security.



E-security is an ongoing battle between the good and the bad side, and the attack- and defense technology is under constant development.

The bad side has all the resources in the World and is constantly finding new loopholes and refining its techniques.If hackers are seriously interested in breaking into your system, chances are that it is just a matter of time before it happens.

Your only chance is to update your defense on a regular basis, not only to keep up with the current security status, but also to adjust for any changes you make to your system and the software you use.


This is how I can improve your

  • Perform an analysis of your system.
  • Assist you in identifying your adversaries.
  • Help you classify your sensitive data.
  • Assist you in the generation of an adequate security policy.
  • Propose and implement access control system.
  • Introduce the use of encryption and tunneling.
  • Shield your system from intruders.
  • Implement an intrusion detection system.
  • Safe keep the integrity of your files.
  • Establish a redundant storage routine that minimizes your data loss after a hard drive fallout.

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