Building an Infrastructure that Will Meet the Demands of Tomorrow



Networking is all about creating a successful connection between you and your business. A perfect World:

It is my mission to create the perfect system for you, a taylor made installation and configuration:

Planning and Designing

Develop a network structure that follows the standards you require for your business environment based on input from you and your designated project members.


Determine the optimal network structure and components. By ascertaining only the capacity needed for the peak hour traffic, we can spare an expensive overkill. This is achieved through a professional examination of all the expected data origins and destinations.


Perform tests on all components and applications to ensure that they work with the network environment. Provision for alternative routes so that traffic can be rerouted in case a failure should occur in the network.


Install perimeter security that prevents intruders from tampering with your data or infuse malware. This is combined with surveillance components that report the instant an intruder tries to collect intelligence on your system.


Keep in Touch With Your Network!

  • Computers only understand binary code, and on the Internet the familiar domain address '' is resolved into a binary string, an IP address.
  • The IP address has some parallels with the telephone number. Only, the IP address' hierarchy is network related - not geographical.
  • The Internet has no sense of connection like the telephone system. It divides each transmission into series of small packets with sender and receiver data applied and ships them off to their destination.
    It is up to the receiver to let the sender know if any packets were lost in transmission.
  • Routers on the network direct the packages to their destination.
  • Routinely, routers will check and see if its neighbor networks remains connected or if there are any newcomers.
    This is how your computer knows if you lost your Internet connection.

A tailor made network meets your specifications with regards to reliability, speed, security, and volume.

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