You do the shooting and I will do the computing!

Digital imaging can change your reality

You may not have any immediate plans of placing your company logo on the top of Mount Rushmore, but should the need arise digital imaging may be the solution. Rushmore

Digital imaging can rescue your ancestor

Berore After

The only known photo of Great Grandpa was badly damaged and had apparently become the innocent victim of a minor family feud. After I had given him a good dusting, mended his jacket and tie, and shaped him up, all the heirs could get their own copy.

This is what photo editing can do for you:

  • Tone Down Shadows.
  • Remove Tan Lines.
  • Remove Bags Under Eyes.
  • Glamorize Image.
  • Remove skin defects.
  • Eliminate red eyes.
  • Remove Stray Hairs.
  • Sharpen image.
  • Blur image.
  • Adjust image colors.
  • Adjust image light.
  • Whiten teeth and eyes.
  • Add/remove a Person.
  • Restore Damaged Photo.
  • Replace Background.
  • Slim Down a Person.
  • Remove Dust Spots.
  • Remove Eyeglass Glare.

Plus some that I haven't even thought about until you ask for them.

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