Everybody looks for you on the Internet.

It is not all that complicated to join the World's largest media; and compared to the costs of advertising in newspapers or television, this is a steal.

You basically need 3 things to publish a website:

  1. A domain name
  2. A web host
  3. A web pages

Make yourself visible - Get your message out!

Designing a functional and attractive website that represents the business and reflects the personality of the owner is the result of a close dialog with the clients.

A web designer ignores his personal taste and creates the site layout that supports the client’s goals and target audience.

Web design has undergone a development equal to that of the fashion industries. If you follow yesterday’s trend you look like a clichéd today.

Originally restricted by design tools, color resolutions, and bandwidth it has grown into a media with almost unlimited design options and functionalities.

Sites exploded with the innovations as they became available. Some has stayed but more has been abandoned.

People may not judge a book by its cover, but they do judge you by your web site.

This is your face to the World, the first thing people see is the web design you’re branded with.

To make that first impression a good one, you can utilize textures/gradients and matching colors that give your website depth and accentuate the character of your design.

In addition, I routinely prepare all sites for optimal accessibility in the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing).

For references take look at the sites listed below:  



Don’t overdo it!

There is but a hairline between a tasteful and an overworked website.

For example:

  • Avoid sound (unless you are selling records).
  • Never make people wait for an opening flash movie to finish.
  • Be critical about the use of animations.
  • Use different fonts with caution and taste.
  • Only use images for graphics.
  • Don’t complicate the navigation.
  • Limit the use of long paragraphs.
  • No “under construction” images.
  • Stay clear of scrolling marquee tag.
  • Eliminate sideways scrolling.
  • Maintain the page structure through the site.
  • Eradicate pop ups.
  • Use java scripts with caution.
  • Avoid busy text backgrounds.
  • Frequently make sure all links are alive.
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